Boys and Girls Clubs of America Recommended Sites for Club members: -  Diary & Public Dialogue for Kids - Great tool to learn about managing money - to help you with your career & job search

Odyssey Online
Explore the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome and 19th - 20th century sub-Saharan Africa.

Teens, Crime and the Community (TCC)

The Teens, Crime, and the Community program addresses issues affecting many young people, including drugs, bullying, conflicts between different people, dating violence, property crimes and much more.

Congress for Kids 
This Web site allows young people to tour Congress with Uncle Sam as their guide. Congress for Kids is intended to help students learn about the foundation of federal government and how its actions affect the daily lives of U.S. citizens.
Reading is Fundamental
The Reading is Fundamental Web site features a host of ideas, contests and activities that make reading fun. From reading motivation tips to contests that encourage reading, RIF is a great resource.

Pathways to Technology
The Pathways to Technology Web site is a new interactive resource that allows high school students to explore technology career options.

Earth Observing System Education Project
Take a 360-degree tour of Mars though this new interactive Web site from NASA. The space program's Earth Observing System provides space enthusiasts with some of the red planet's first three-dimensional images captured by NASA. .

Sense and Dollars
This Web site teaches teens how to earn, spend, save and invest wisely through interactive activities based on real-life situations.

Teen Central
This Web site offers teens help and advice from counselors and other teens. Because teens are anonymous on the Web site, they can be totally honest in discussing the issues that concern them. Teens may submit their stories and receive a response from a counselor within 24 hours.

Soy Unica! Soy Latina
The Soy Unica! Soy Latina Web site offers bilingual information on self-esteem, family values, body image and role models for girls ages 9-14. The material addresses belonging and adaptation, teaches assertiveness and decision-making skills and provides tips on becoming healthy and successful young adults.

KidsHealth provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. The Web site features separate areas for kids, teens and parents, each with its own design and age-appropriate content. You can access many in-depth features, articles, animations, games and resources, all developed by experts in the health of children and teens. 

FUN Web Activities/Projects - Great Math games and much more! Broken down by age and subject. Highly enjoyed by members in the B&G Club Computer lab. - Offers more than 800 interactive games and activities for preschool through 6th grade, ranging from matching numbers and shapes for pre-schoolers, to geography, math and history for third through sixth graders.  
BrainBoosters - Browse through a categorized archive of challenging Brain Boosters. 
PuzzleMaker - Make your own puzzles FREE. 
Science Fair Central - All you need to help you make your Science Fair Project a winner! 
ClipArt - Got ClipArt? Grab these freebies for your work or for fun! 
Wildlife/Animal Websites - A kids site from the Defenders of Wildlife. They are dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. Get animal facts, free activities and games, even adopt an animal!
Kids Go Wild - A kids site from the Wildlife Conservation Society. Their mission is to save wildlife & wild lands. This is a place for kids to have "wild" online adventures.
Kid Zone - A kids site from the National Wildlife Federation. They are a very large group committed to protecting wildlife, wild places, and the environment. Their site information & activities are divided into age groups for ages 1 to Teens.
Pet Care Tips - If you have a pet or want to get one, it's very important to know how to take care of them. Here are some tips from the American Animal Hospital Association that you can use to love your pet.
Animal Sounds - Ever wondered what sound a Gecko makes? How about what a Japanese person says a Gecko sounds like? Well all this and more can be explored at this unusually cool site! This is a unique way to take a look at the languages of the world. 
Virtual Frog Dissection - An award winning interactive program from the Whole Frog Project of the Berkeley Lab. Dissect a frog, make a movie and play the Frog Builder Game. No animals harmed! - Do you really know Dinosaurs? Find out about new kinds of Dinosaurs, hear how to say thier names and listen to what Dinos have to say about themselves...if they could talk. 
Discovering Dinosaurs - Learn how the views and ideas about Dinosaurs have changed over the years. What did we think before that we don't believe now? Find out at this site. Also, get a very real look at Dinosaurs with IMAX movie can almost smell them!
Zoos & Aquariums
The Monterey Bay "E-Quarium" in California- Visit the Splash Zone, view any one of 5 Live Cams, and send a Jelly Card at the “Jellies: Living Art” exhibit.
The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD- Take a look at the beautiful, underwater world of sea animals. This aquarium likes to exhibit attractions that will inspire you to take care of our natural environments and their beauty.  
The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. - One of Washington's most popular tourist places can be experienced around the globe! With living images, the National Zoo can show you some of the most interesting wildlife in the world.
The San Diego Zoo in California - Wanna go out west? Let's GO! Enjoy the Panda Cams, Free e-postcards, the Video Theatre & Photo Trek and of course those lovable Apes!
The Wildlife Conservation Society - Tour a world of wildlife when you tour WCS’s one-of-a-kind network of parks in New York City.
Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL- Meet the animals of Lincoln Park Zoo on this great online tour. If you would like to start at the beginning of this website, here is the Home Page link.
The Arts
Albright-Knox Art Games - Artie invites you to his Artful home to create until your heart's content. Make ArtCards, work in your own Studio, play ArtGames and learn great Artfacts! Really look around, Artie doesn't mind, he has some pretty cool surprises in his home.
Hands On Crafts - This place has two studios for kids to play around! Create a Face Jug, explore Quilting, Weaving and Basketry or watch a Coil Pot come alive! They really let kids get their hands on some great crafts!
Kid-At-Art - Did you know that you can trash into real art? This site has some very creative ways to help you do it. Come see how you can combine Art with helping the environment!
Origami - If you like making paper planes, paper poppers or fortune tellers, you'll love learning about Origami, the art of paper folding. You'll be amazed at what you can create out of a folded piece of paper! 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Take a look at some of the most precious Art in the world at one of the finest Museums in the world. Learn how and why to appreciate Art.
Piano Nanny - If you've always wanted to learn how to play piano, but couldn't find a FREE teacher, now you have one! NOTE: Much reading is required to benefit from this, but it is interactive and will basically show you all you could want to learn. NO keyboard required, but highly recommended.
The San Francisco Symphony for Kids - A webmaster favorite! Learn about musical instruments, compose a tune or two, listen to the radio and start learning the basics of music theory.
Classical Music Archives - Find the music of a Classical Composer, listen to LIVE recordings, check out sheet music or do a little research. It's all here! Also, enjoy a FREE Virtual Concert, hear recommended recordings or get a taste of Classical Music from a beginner's perspective.
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