Teen Center

Teen Center

 (*While cell phones are not allowed in the Boys & Girls Club, teens are allowed cell phone privileges in the Teen Center) 
The Boys & Girls Club Paley Unit has a specific area designated as The Teen Center which is open to members 13-18 years of age. 
While attending the Club, teen members are able to hang out with their friends, go online, play cards/games, play on our Playstation or XBox 360, play basketball or other games in the gym,listen to music and many other 'teen' loved activities.

Every month, Mrs. Mina recognizes one teen as Youth of the Month. One teen is also recognized in each of the following categories: 

Mrs. Willemina Williams,
Teen Center Director

Junior Staff

Our Junior Staff help around the Club by doing anything from answering phones, checking members in & out, helping staff with activities, helping younger members with their homework. . . the list goes on and on!
The Junior Staffers are also stars when it comes to volunteering their time and being willing to help out with Club events outside of normal club hours, such as Center Street Jam, gardening projects with the Jr. Women's Club, city and county events, Club fundraisers, Club tours, speeches, etc.

Our teens that are involved as Junior Staff set an example to our younger members, making it a common thing to hear a younger member saying they can't wait to be a member of the Junior Staff!!!
Our Junior Staff really are an invaluable asset and many a hard day would have passed without them! We value and appreciate our Junior Staff & all they do to help out at the Club!
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